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My motto for therapy is that it is 'vitamin for the soul'. Therapy helps you grow as a person to reach the balance and peace you long for. If you are searching for a personable, non-judgemental and professional therapist to help you effectively resolve your issues then please contact me!

I am a counselling psychologist chartered by the British Psychological Society and registered for practice by the Health and Care Professions Council. My work entails the assessment and treatment of a wide range of mental health issues of varying severity. These issues include different types of depression, anxiety disorders such as panic, OCD or PTSD, psychoses, personality disorders, sexual issues and addiction.

I practice at three different clinics where I work closely with a number of GPs and psychiatrists in the area to help people overcome their difficulties and fulfill their potential. I use a combination of talking treatments such as psychotherapy, humanistic counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, schema, systemic, integrative, cognitive analytic and mindfulness. I firmly believe in making the therapy as tailor made to you and your unique issues as possible. I aim to create an environment to enable you to feel safe to be open about what is troubling you. I believe that it is important to see people as a whole embedded in their circumstances and constantly influenced by their surroundings, and the different roles they play in life. The process to unravel this is the first step towards change and long lasting solutions.

I have over 13 years experience as a psychologist, working in a number of NHS and private settings in different areas ranging from acute, secondary and primary care psychology, forensic acute psychological care and rehabilitation as well as neuropsychological rehabilitation. Click here to learn more

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Benefits of treatment with me:
• Rapid appointments
• Range of treatment options
• Onward referrals to trusted specialists
• Recognised by most major insurance providers
• Boutique private practice
• Convenient, discreet location with parking

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T: 07503001997


We treat people suffering with the following conditions:
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Stress
- Sexual issues
- Addiction
- Low mood
- Worry
- Sleep problems
- Irritability
- Feeling 'on edge'
- Concentration issues
- Avoiding social encounters
- Thoughts of hopelessness, self-harm or even suicide
- etc

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