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Mood Disorders

Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Postnatal Depression

Some general characteristics:

- low mood
- loss of enjoyment in life
- difficulty making decisions
- lack of energy
- memory and concentration difficulties
- loss of self-confidence
- avoidance of social contact
- disrupted sleep
- loss of appetite or lack of enjoyment of food
- thoughts of hopelessness, self-harm or even suicide
- feeling out of control

Anxiety Disorders

Panic, Generalised & Social Anxiety, OCD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Some general characteristics:

- an inability to switch off
- always feeling 'on edge'
- feelings of continual worry
- increased irritability
- features of social avoidance
- disrupted sleep patterns
- disturbed memory and concentration
- strong, rapid heartbeats
- pain, tension or tightness in muscles
- digestive problems


- Psychoses
- Personality Disorders
- Alcohol and Drug Abuse
- Sexual Issues and Stress

Personalised, clinically proven therapy will help reduce and remove your distress.

You will be able to reach the balance and peace you long for.

Types of therapy available:

- Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
- Psychotherapy
- Humanistic therapy
- Mindfulness
- Schema therapy
- Systemic therapy
- Integrative therapy
- Cognitive analytic therapy (CAT)


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